Snow Day…..Reflection Day

New Years Eve at Crystal Springs

Pretty much all the schools are closed due to the snowstorm, and Karen and her hubby are basking in the sun in St. Thomas. Meanwhile,  I’m snug as a bug in a rug working from home,  catching up on paperwork, and cleaning up my home office. Finally making the time for my post-holidays housekeeping, I found myself getting a little emotional as I looked for the perfect place to display a gift I received last night.

I was just overwhelmed with thinking about how much I love what I do, how blessed I am to be in this business, and how fortunate I am to be partners with Karen, who loves what she does as well and who shares my same values.  I believe a person really cannot be successful in this business if they don’t truly care about their clients and their families as well as let them see who you really are during the process. I find myself so sad at every closing fearing I won’t ever see or chat  again with these wonderful people whom I’ve gotten so close to….but for some reason, we manage to stay in contact. This business is all about the people and the rewarding connections we make!

Last night I was at a client’s home reviewing some listing changes. When I got there all five kids came running downstairs to greet me. The youngest just turned seven, and according to his mother, dressed up for my visit (he was even sporting a Bruno Mars hat to finish off his outfit). This beautiful child had the biggest smile on his face as he hid something behind his back. “Go ahead and give it to her,” his mother whispered. Once he got that go-ahead he eagerly handed me a framed picture of him and his brother and sisters that was taken over Christmas during their trip to Florida. I cannot tell you enough how difficult it was to not cry…..I was so touched. I thought to myself, “Dang, it’s a great day to be a REALTOR.”

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  1. Crystal Riley says:

    You are so awesome Robbie! How could anyone not love you?! May God continue to bless you in this time of your life! Keep shining for Him and giving Him the glory….He created you beautifully!

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